#JargonBuster Dishwashers


#JargonBuster Dishwashers

It can be difficult getting to grips with tech jargon, and we know that product descriptions and specifications can contain complicated terms which can leave you feeling more confused. So, we’ve found and broken down the most commonly used terms for dishwashers to help you out!

If you’re still not sure which type of dishwasher is right for you, please see our guide on choosing the correct type.

What does sensor dry/wash mean?

There are two types of sensor technology. ‘Sensor dry’ monitors certain internal factors such as the moisture level to ascertain when the items are dry. It will then automatically finish the cycle, saving you energy, water and time. ‘Sensor wash’, sometimes referred to as Fuzzy Logic, serves a similar purpose, detecting when the items are clean, moving into the next stage of the cycle. It also notes the dirtiness of the water and can adjust the temperature and length of wash to fit.

What is the energy efficiency of dishwashers?

The energy efficiency of dishwashers is a good indicator of which are the cheaper models to run (the most efficient). They are graded from A+++ to D, from most efficient to least. Energy efficiency labels also give information on the annual water consumption, the capacity of the machine, noise levels and drying efficiency.


What is a spray arm?

The way in which the water is sprayed during a cycle is important as it ensures the load is properly cleaned, with no blind spots. A traditional arm sprays the water in a circular motion. Propelled by water jets, the water is forced out at such a pace that it rotates the two spray arms like a sprinkler. A satellite spray arm is attached to the end of the lower spray arm, creating a double rotation. This makes a powerful spiral which ensures that the water reaches the corners of the machine. An additional spray arm is found in some models where a third, smaller arm is fitted on the roof of the appliance. This is great for dishwashers with a cutlery tray as it showers the upper level with water.

What is a waterwall jet washing system?

The waterwall jet washing system is Samsung's invention. Instead of a lower spray arm, they use a bar that moves backwards and forwards along the bottom of the machine. High-pressure water jets create a wall of water that ensures all areas of the dishwasher are reached.

What is an eco programme?

Eco programmes use less water and energy than normal by heating the water gradually.  However, this method does make the cycle longer than standard programmes.

What is a cutlery tray?

Cutlery trays are an extra drawer at the top of the dishwasher with specific slots to place different types of cutlery. They are more time consuming to load, but they do enable a more effective cleaning performance as well as providing more space in the rest of the dishwasher.


What is a delay start function?

Some dishwashers come with a delay start function which allows you to select a wash time in advance. This enables you to start a cycle when you are out of the house.

What is a smart system?

Dishwashers with a smart system can be controlled via an app downloaded to your smartphone.

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