Jargon Buster: Which Type Of Computer Is Right For Me?


Jargon Buster: which type of computer is best for me?

With so many types of computer to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which one is right for you. Our simple guide below should help you find the best type to suit your needs.

Desktop computer

A desktop computer is brilliant if you are looking for a computing system for an office. They have high storage capacities, fast processors and are generally cheaper than a laptop. Even better, they will never die in the middle of a project as they run off your mains power. There is a great range in monitor sizes so you can find one the perfect size for the space you have. However, they don’t have the freedom of a smaller computer which you can take with you wherever you go.



A laptop is your own personal, portable computer. With a light, compact design they are brilliant for taking your work on the go. There is a huge range of laptops available, varying in price, design, and manufacturer so it is important to find a model with the right features for your intended use.  



Chromebooks use Google Chrome’s OS (operating system) with access to thousands of apps, enhancing your potential for creativity and productivity. They have an impressive battery life of between 12 and 14 hours and store your files in the cloud rather than a limited internal storage. Chromebooks can be a cheaper alternative to a laptop and can usually be purchased for under £200.



Macbooks are a range of laptops created by Apple. Many find the Mac operating system easier to use than Windows products and it’s praised for being quick and reliable. Macs are also popular for their sleek design, something for which Apple is well-known. The systems have inbuilt software for photo and music editing and also offer alternatives to Microsoft Office programs such as word and excel (although these can be added on top). The main drawback with these products is their price tag, approximately £1,000.


Gaming laptops

Gaming laptops are great for gamers. They can still perform the same tasks as a normal laptop but they tend to have a higher speed processor to help load games faster. They generally have larger screens with a higher quality resolution but this can make them heavier. Gaming laptops are often more expensive than other laptops and can have a worse batter life.



Tablets are essentially a laptop without the keyboard (although you can add one of these if you wish). They are compact and lightweight so can easily be carried around, letting you check your emails or watch a film on the go via the touchscreen. While they are, generally, cheaper than laptops, they don’t compete with the processing power.


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