Is The Dyson V10 The Best Cordless Vacuum Yet?


Dyson Change Direction

The V10 is more than just a new product for Dyson; it marks a decisive change for the vacuum pioneers. In fact, they have decided to cut the cord forever and say goodbye to corded vacuums, focussing all their attention on the cordless alternative. This is a sign of their confidence in a cordless future and demonstrates that they want the V10 to be a true competitor for corded vacuums. A light, hassle-free wand which isn't restricted by a cord is a tempting alternative. However, we do understand concerns over the power capacity of battery-powered vacuums compared with traditional plug-ins.

In general, the V10 is a new and improved version of the Dyson V8, an already worthy competitor for corded vacuums. The new model boasts an improved battery life and suction power as well as a number of other great features. There are three different models of the Dyson Cyclone V10 available; the Animal, the Absolute and the Total Clean and we will explore these in more depth later on.

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Design-wise, the V10 has been re-engineered to be more streamlined. They have moved the position of the motor, bin and cyclone so that they sit in a straight line, (rather than at 90 degrees like the V8 model) which creates 20% more suction. This new design enables air and debris to be suctioned directly into the cyclones, improving its ability to capture and retain dirt and dust. They have also increased the size of the dustbin by 40% so you can hold more dirt and empty the machine less often. When the time does come to empty the bin, it has a simple 'point and shoot' trigger release which avoids any mess!


The V10 itself can be easily transformed from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum so you can tackles stairs, upholstery and cars. Each model of the V10 comes with different tools, but there are attachments which are especially great for pet hair, upholstery or ground-in dirt. The main cleaner head, which comes with all three models, is a direct drive cleaner head with nylon brushes which are perfect for reaching ingrained dirt in your carpet. The other cleaner head option (available with the Absolute and Total Clean models) is a soft roller which is brilliant for hard floors. It is covered in soft nylon to catch larger pieces of dirt and has anti-static carbon fibre filaments which pick up any finer dust particles.

Regarding storage, the V10 models come with a wall-mounted charging station for "drop-in docking". This not only gives you a neat way of storing your vacuum but it also ensures that it is always charged and ready to go. It can also hold all of your tools so that everything is stored in one place.


Battery Life

Battery life is a potential concern when looking at cordless vacuums, and every cordless model has a maximum runtime. However, the V10 offers what we consider to be adequate charge and suction power for the average household. The battery itself has been redesigned with seven cells (one more than the V8), creating more power without adding extra weight to the vacuum. Even better, it takes three hours to charge from flat to full, an impressive two hours faster than the V8 model. The digital motor V10 has been tested against other cord-free vacuums which revealed it to have the most powerful suction, equal to that of a full-sized vacuum. Even better, the battery is longer lasting and 'fade-free' so the suction won't decrease as you use it.

The V10 offers three different power settings (one more than the V8) which you can switch between easily depending on how much suction is required. Naturally, the higher power settings drain the battery life quicker, so you need to consider this when vacuuming. The lowest power setting will offer you one hour of cleaning time (if you don't use one of the motorised tools) and a decent amount of suction power. If you want to increase the power for a patch with more dirt, the middle setting will do the trick and should last approximately 25 minutes. We recommend this setting for general use and switching to full power if needed for more ground-in dirt. If you were to vacuum only on the highest power setting the battery will last approximately 7-8 minutes.

Considering the suction power offered, we think the battery life is impressive and should be sufficient for general use. However, if you plan on using the vacuum for longer, you may need to pop it back on charge, have a cuppa, and come back later!

Tech improvements

Besides increasing the dustbin size and enhancing the battery life, Dyson has also added new technology to the models.

The V10 is fitted with 14 cyclones which work together to accelerate the air up to speeds of 120mph. This creates high-speed circulation which forces dust and dirt out into the bin. This is combined with an improved, fully sealed filtration system which ensures that 99.97% of dust, allergens and bacteria is collected.


Another great improvement with the V10 is the noise volume. Dyson recognised the desire for a quieter vacuum, so they have acoustically engineered the new models to decrease the noise level produced. By including an aerodynamic motor housing, the airflow around the motor can be regulated which reduces the overall noise level. Naturally, if you use your vacuum on a higher power setting the noise level will be increased.

Different Models

As previously mentioned, Dyson has developed three different models; the Total Clean, the Absolute and the Animal which differ in price, colour and the selection of tools they come with.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal is the cheapest model at £399.99 and says it is specifically engineered for homes with pets. It comes with only one of the cleaner heads, the direct driver and the fewest number of tools (four);

  • The combination tool which is small and can be used on multiple surfaces
  • The crevice tool which can clean around the edges of rooms
  • The mini motorised tool which can get into smaller spaces and is great at picking up hair
  • The soft dusting brush which can be used on screens and surfaces


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The mid-range option is the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, priced at £449.99. This has the same number of tools as the Animal but also comes with the soft roller head which enables you to vacuum and buff hard floors.


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The complete package is the Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean which also comes with a mattress tool, an up-top adaptor for higher places and an extension hose to reach them. These additional extras come at an extra cost, and the Total Clean is priced at £499.99.


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Cordless vacuums are becoming more and more popular with people favouring their lightweight body and ease of use. The fact that Dyson has stopped making corded vacuums altogether is a big indicator that cordless vacuums are the future of cleaning.
The V10 itself is such a powerful, efficient machine that we have no worries about it replacing our traditional plug-in.
In our opinion, the Absolute is the best option for most people. If you have hard floors, we think it is worth paying the extra £50 to get the soft roller head (it costs £65 to buy on its own). However, unless you have a real desire for a mattress tool or the extension hose, we don't think the Total Clean is necessary, and you can save yourself an additional £50.

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